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RK-TEAM Digital Ltd. was established in September 2014. In the first years software development was the company’s activity, and from 2016 onwards, online marketing has become the main focus.

In the first year, 2 employees joined, and in the second year, 2 other. By 2019 we reached the level that a middle manager was also needed in the company.

Currently, our office is in a self-owned property on Pesti Road, Miskolc. We also have a closed parking lot, so it is possible to park safely. We are also easily accessible by public transport.

During the work we coordinate the work of several fields: graphic designer, developer, copywriter, editor, online marketing specialist, project manager.

Our company is unique in that it can provide development and online marketing assistance to small businesses and multinationals at the same time.

From an organizational point of view, it is also a challenge to coordinate these areas on a daily basis and to ensure a unified, stable operation towards our clients.

There are currently 5 full-time employees in the company and 2 dual students.

We are practically a small online marketing agency, where we can carry out every process from design to strategy and to operation, partly with alone and partly with the help of subcontractors. Our goal is to plan and run marketing communication campaigns and increase the revenue of our partners.

Our activities (non exhaustive list): Marketing strategy planning, graphic design, PPC campaign planning and management, copywriting, content development, newsletter design and sending, website design / development, webshop design / development, SEO,

Ensuring stability and predictability is also a major challenge in this industry. That’s why it’s so important to be almost “thought readers” in addition to performing on time, and to be able to think instead of our clients.

The challenge in our work is that there are many self-appointed website creators who put together something cheaply and then disappear leaving work half-done. Because of this, customers are often distrustful of us because they have a good chance of having a bad experience before and think that price or time for development is too much. The same is true on the marketing front, a lot of money was spent on various ads with zero results without making it easier to sell.

As we work with a small number of employees, the structure of our company follows a flat model, everyone is on the same level except the regional managers, there is no subordination among the employees. Our current commitment to efficiency is to take every responsibility to see exactly who is responsible for why, and therefore to measure individual performance and increase efficiency.

As a small agency, we work with our clients, combining their expertise and our professional experience to offer professional solutions quickly and professionally, with the greatest cost-effectiveness. Based on the feedback from our customers, our greatest value is that we are available and resolve any issues as quickly as possible. They feel they are in good hands because we can see their situation, understand the task accurately and do not fully adhere to a long lead time.

We believe that ethical market behavior and respect for the company are essential.

Our clients range from self-employed to multinational companies. Most of our clients are small businesses, where we are responsible for full online communication and sales. Most of our customers are returning, long-term relationships.







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